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  • Do use your common sense.  We want The Derry Forums to be an engaging and enjoyable place.  To help ensure this we need fans to behave reasonably and sensibly.  As in any community, what is - or is not - acceptable is usually a matter of common sense.  To help users, however, we have developed these TDF Rules.
  • Do remember that  TDF area is moderated in part only and that we do not generally pre-screen material before it is posted.  Moderators will help moderate and manage real-time discussion and we may run regular checks of user submissions in addition, but sometimes submissions are made that are inappropriate, and we need your assistance to reduce the number of these.  This is what many of the rules below are about.  We will do our part, but you need to help us!
  • Do respect other users.  Lots of us are passionate about the team and the football club and we have strong beliefs.  That doesn’t mean we can’t agree to disagree.  Please remember that others have a right to an opinion that may differ from yours.
  • Do report any comments, posts, videos, photographs or anything else in these forums which breach these TDF Rules or offend you or make you feel uncomfortable.  Without your help in reporting objectionable content or other inappropriate submissions and behaviour, The TDF won’t work.  Please provide as much relevant information as you can.  We will always treat reports seriously and, where appropriate, in confidence. The wellbeing of our fans is our highest priority.  We also provide links to outside agencies and authorities, but in most circumstances you should report the submission to us in the first instance
  • Do remember that we reserve the right to use, delete, edit, move and merge your submissions without telling you and that our (or our moderators') decisions are final.
  • Do submit your comments in English.  This helps us to check that the submission is appropriate.  Also remember that some fans may not use English as their first language or may be new to supporting the club so please treat them kindly and with respect.  We want every user to feel welcome in the forums.
  • Do appreciate that some of our users will be young, so please don’t use sexually explicit, vulgar or otherwise inappropriate language, videos or photographs.  We don’t want to see aggressive behaviour, harassment, bullying, insulting or abusive language, slurs or generally objectionable speech or images. 
  • Do check these TDF Rules regularly as we may need to change them and please be aware that additional usage terms may also apply and these will be marked on the relevant part of the Website.
  • Don’t engage in personal abuse or express any kind of hatred towards any group because of their religious, racial, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, gender, age or disability.  Discuss the points made intelligently in a submission, not the person putting it forward.
  • Don't make any submissions which are obscene or may be considered to be offensive, or illegal or to promote illegal or inappropriate behaviour.
  • Don't use The Derry Forums in a manner that interferes with, or disrupts anyone else's use or enjoyment of the site.  Don't impersonate others or otherwise make fraudulent or deceptive postings.
  • Don't make submissions which are off-topic, unless we state that such off topic submissions are allowed in a particular area of the Website.
  • Don’t submit libellous or defamatory remarks.  That means not submitting anything which you can't prove to be true and which might damage someone’s reputation.  Also Don’t post comments about people's private lives or any matter which is the subject of ongoing legal proceedings.  If in doubt, don’t post it!
  • Don’t endanger yourself or others and Do respect privacy.  Keep personal information private and don’t post email addresses, phone numbers or other personal data (including as part of your user name).  In particular think carefully before posting photos, videos or images of yourself - they may be viewed by many other people.  Do not post photos, videos or images depicting other people without their consent or in the case of children the consent of their parents or carers.  
  • Don’t breach someone else's copyright or trade marks.  Don’t upload a photo, video or other material unless you are the owner of the rights to it.  You will not usually have these rights if you bought the material in a shop, but may have if you made it.  In particular, don't submit match footage as this will normally be subject to copyright restrictions.  Again, if in doubt, don’t post it!
  • Don't post links to other websites that prohibit linking to them, or contain material which would not comply with these TDF Rules if submitted.  We have no control over what goes on within other websites.
  • Don't advertise or use The Derry Forums for commercial purposes.
  • Don't consider the views expressed in The Derry Forums (regardless of whether we have taken steps to moderate its contents) as being those of Dundee Football Club.  This is your area, so please appreciate our role in facilitating the sharing of your submissions and report inappropriate behaviour..
   Once again, these simple rules have been written with one aim in mind, for you to enjoy The Derry Forums and keep it safe and fun.  This is your part of the Website and the more you engage with your fellow supporters, the better it can be. So please comply with the above and enjoy yourselves.   Thanks, The Derry Forums Administration and Moderating team.

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